2024’s Message from the Chairman

After witnessing a natural division within the audience last year, the 2023 event will be divided into three segments to best showcase technologies and presentation topics of interest to attendees. The conference will have Chairs for each stream; the Valves & Flow Control segment will focus on packing, sealing and low E technology, the Fugitive Emissions Technology segment will focus on monitoring and leak detection, repair and prevention, etc. and the Environmental Impacts stream will focus on ESG, certifications, corporate governance and legislative updates


Brindesh Dhruva
EVP, Chief Marketing &
Technology Officer

Bray International

Brian Blowers
Director, ESG Standards & Frameworks

Phillips 66

Dawn Neal
Client Relationship Manager

TRICORD Consulting

Valves & Flow Control

The Fugitive Emissions Summit is a gathering of experts and professionals from a wide range of industries dedicated to addressing the single most important topic of our generation. As an industry, our goal must be to minimize & eliminate emissions that are released into the  atmosphere from industrial processes, equipment and infrastructure.

During this summit, industry leaders will share knowledge and insights on how to detect, measure and reduce emissions from valves and actuators to minimize their impact on our environment. The aim of this Fugitive Emissions Summit is to provide a platform to share experiences, knowledge and best practices; to inspire individuals & organizations to take action towards a more sustainable future.

I anticipate a great Conference in December and look forward to seeing you in Pasadena!

Environmental Impacts

I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas 2023. I view this event as an important platform for the development of company and client relationships and believe that coming together as a community dedicated to improving workplace practices and efforts to reduce environmental impacts caused by industrial emissions is key to reducing greenhouse gases and achieving global sustainability. This year’s conference and exhibition will be no exception as it will continue to shed light on the ever-changing world of fugitive emissions regulations and educate on control means to comply such as leak detection and repair (LDAR), emission control & testing technologies, air permitting, benzene waste, optical gas imaging, and remote monitoring. As emission initiatives around the world increase, we will continue to transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Together, we can drive efforts to keep environmental innovation and technology in the forefront. I look forward to meeting and interacting face-to-face with you while engaging about new technologies, market trends, and our actions toward managing fugitive emissions now and into the future.

Fugitive Emissions Technology

I am excited to see the wealth of knowledge and the latest technologies to be shared this year. It is important to understand how our industry is meeting the challenges of increasing societal expectations & regulatory requirements. We need to explore technologies which reduce fugitive emissions and create pathways for future improvements for our environment. Conferences like Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas are critical to grow industry knowledge and kickstart innovative ideas. Do you have an idea or topic that you would like to see discussed at the Conference? Please submit a short abstract of your work to our Steering Committee for review. Delivering a paper or presentation is not only rewarding, but also a great way to encourage discussion and help drive industry forward.